Welcome to Joint’s a Hoppin’ – The lindy hop, balboa, shag and jive event for Surrey and Hampshire

A new lindy hop, swing and jive social dance event based at Woking Con Club, Woking, Surrey.  We aim to provide a regular opportunity for lindy hoppers, swing dancers and jivers to strut their stuff in a comfortable, sociable and informal environment. If you haven’t got a smile on your face when you arrive there’s a strong chance you’ll have one when you leave.

Rip your stuff

The hardwood dance floor provides scope-a-plenty for you to rip your lindy hop, balboa, swing and jive.

Next Event

The next  Joint’s a Hoppin’ is on  Friday 31st of May – and what a treat we have for you!  Yessireebob, we have with us our kinda local, but definitely very special Katie’s Crooked Swing Band. I’m told there’s no need to be unduly diligent about guarding your back pocket though, it’s just their swing style that’s a steal. So, whether you’re dancing, or just listening to this gathering of superb musicians, expect a set leaving you in no doubt that they know how to swing it up hot or cool it down right cosy.  In between sets DJ Flat Foot Al’s rippin’ grooves will have no problem extracting the best  Hopping, Bal’ing, Swinging, Shagging or Jiving out of you, without need for any shakedown. So, truck on down and join us for your finely fettled fix of swing and jive.

Entry:  £12:00 on the door.


We aim to deliver the best of vibes, supported by recorded music to suit vintage dance styles – lindy hop, balboa, shag and jive. If we haven’t got it, we’ll try to get it! Give us the feedback. As things develop live bands will be slated .

Get well chilled

Spacious surrounds and seating area afford the chance to relax and chat between times.
Imbibe. There is a well stocked bar to hand, offering a wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks, including real ale, at club prices.


Make sure you pen in the last Friday of the month, ‘cus that’s when it’s at! Open 20:00 until 23:30h.

Check out our Facebook page for any updates – there may be variations through the year;  https://www.facebook.com/groups/jointsahoppin/ .